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Re: (Fwd) one light on DIFFS

Bob, you most likey arent getting lock due to faulty
pneumatics.   If you crawl underneath and look
you can see the mechanism and learn which way is
locked / unlocked.  You don't need the motor running
because of the vacuum reservior will keep the system
operable for some troubleshooting. These clutches are
dog clutches, and only drop in at certain points.  If you 
get one leg, er wheel, up in the air, you can rotate back 
and forth a bit as necessary to try to make it engage.
You can disconnect the pneumatics and do it manually,
then add back the actuator.  I did new hoses and new
acuators, well maybe junk yard parts.  They are the
same as used for the locks in the doors etc.  I think
one had a funny bracket that had to be used (rear?).
Good luck.  And use GOOD jackstands!

Paul Timmerman