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Re: 200T Front End Noise (bearing replacement)

Don't know about the rears but the fronts don't require this tool.  Basically
with the right sized disc (or heavy duty washer) you pound out the hub. This
will destroy the bearing since the inner race remains attached to the hub.
Then you pound out the outer race with a suitable sized disc (or washer).
Pound on the new bearing (again with the correct size disc... into the
bearing housing). Then pound in the hub.  This is a simplistic explanation. 
I can supply anyone with a detailed procedure I used on Rabbits. 

On Thu, 31 Aug 1995, Matt Bartholomew wrote:

> I had the *rear* bearings replaced recently on my '88 5000tq.  Most of the
> procedure was quite straightforward, especially if you know how to remove
> the brake rotors.  However, there is a special tool for pulling the old
> bearing out of the hub and reinserting the new bearing.  Without getting
> too detailed, the tool consists of two parallel plates attached by three
> bolts.  One plate fits around the hub, and the other attaches to the bearing.
> Depending on which way the bolts are turned, the bearing is either backed out
> (slowly) or pushed in.  The old bearing gets destroyed in the process.
> It's a two-hour job for a qualified mechanic with the right tool.  Dealer
> (Holmes Porsche/Audi near Yonkers NY) quoted me 5 hours!  Good luck.
> Matt