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No fuel pressure after shut down

Ok, I'm the guy with the hot starting problem.  I've been doing some 
tests and I found some interesting things.

The car is an '87 5KCSTQ with 168k miles. First of all I found a small 
tear about 1/4 inch in the turbo to intercooler hose - good thing I found 
it since thats a prime way to get crap into your engine. 

More importantly I noticed there is no fuel pressure after I turn the car 
off. I loosend the fuel pipe at the warm-up valve - no pressure.  Tried 
the fuel filter - no pressure.  Removed the fuel filter and alot of crap 
came out. I will change the filter tomorrow.

I think perhaps the fuel accumulator isn't working or the fuel pump is 
giving me problems. How can I test these components.  The car starts 
great when its cold and starts fine if its hot and I start it within 15 
minutes. Past 1/2 hour and its really really hard to start - takes about 
2 minutes.  Someone else mentioned it could be leaky fuel injectors buy
the lack of pressure doesn't seem normal.

Any ideas guys?  I don't mind searching the archives if someone has 
encountered this before.