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Re: No! Password!

 > >> Should I limit the password to onyl people who enter info? Seems kind of 
 > >> unfair to the rest of us. 
 > >> Suggestions please!
 > Is there a way to automatically reference the requester's return address vs.
 > the list membership?  

I think so- something like Netscape's HTML 3 and the "cookie" feature (plus
some processing) might help the majority of us. Seems like quite a bit of work 
(on Bob's part), though.

 > This, of course, wouldn't be fool proof but would thwart the casual
 > potential mischief maker.  Now SuperHackerWebPhreak will be another matter
 > but, what the heck, he'll get the info anyway.

Right. But I could live with that.

Good idea.

 > Bob

-- Eddi