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Re: No! Password!

>> Should I limit the password to onyl people who enter info? Seems kind of 
>> unfair to the rest of us. 
>> Suggestions please!

Is there a way to automatically reference the requester's return address vs.
the list membership?  If so, a request for the information could be sent to
list members only and an "Error 404 File not found" message or something
like that could be returned to casual seekers.  That way registered list
members would get the info and even the existance of a password system would
not be immediately obvious to the casual browser.

This, of course, wouldn't be fool proof but would thwart the casual
potential mischief maker.  Now SuperHackerWebPhreak will be another matter
but, what the heck, he'll get the info anyway.

And you are thinking "Has he been smokin' them funny cigareeeets again?" :-)

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