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Re: New Audi Prices

>The new car prices for Audi's most notably the A4's that have been posted 
>are well over 30g's. Now to me, that still seems like a lot 'o' dough. 
>Don't get me wrong, if a person can afford to purchase that new car smell 
>and enjoy that first owner feeling...go for it. I however, hope to 
>purchase these fine autos when they have about 25-50,000 on them. If 
>taken care of they last forever...let someone else pay for the major 
>depreciation.Geez, I got to get rid of my mortgage, help a kid through 
>school, etc.

Yeah.  What he said.  And what's more, my mortgage is paid off and my kids
are out working with decent jobs and college is paid for.  I STILL can't
afford a new one.  :-(  Thank the Audi gods for the red herring of
unintended acceleration and the artificially low used car prices it caused.
It's great if you are buying - lousy if you are selling.  :-)

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