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Re: '85 ur-Q brake woes.....looking better.....


>  Well, the used MC from Chris Sanborn fixed the brake
>  problems! (at least for now......) I would still like to
>  replace Chris' used MC with a nice new one. Anyone
>  replace an ur-Q MC? What year ur-Q? What part
>  number did you use? Have problems locating the
>  correct MC for your car?

I replaced the MC on my '83 urQ in mid'90.  I can't find a complete part
number on it, but the number 3058G is stamped on the end of the casting,
and 23 is cast into the side of the piece.  According to my IPC catalog,
the numbers are:

'82 - '83 thru chassis # 85-D-900 357 takes 857 611 019, $159.50

'83 - '86 from chassis # 85-D-900 358 on takes 443 611 021 (23.81 mm dia.),

'97 only from chassis # 85-H-900 551 on takes 447 611 021 (25.4 mm dia.),

I have generally found their part numbers accurate, but sometimes
superceded by newer numbers when I check with the dealer.  The prices are
from an old catalog, but based on past experience should not be far off.  I
have no affiliation with IPC, but have found them a good source.  Good

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ