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Re: '85 ur-Q brake woes.....looking better.....

In article  glen.powell@smc.com writes:

>  Well, the used MC from Chris Sanborn fixed the brake
>  problems! (at least for now......) I would still like to
>  replace Chris' used MC with a nice new one. Anyone
>  replace an ur-Q MC? What year ur-Q? What part
>  number did you use? Have problems locating the
>  correct MC for your car?

Just replaced the brake master cylinder in the '85 Ur-Q with 443 611 021 from
IPC. $105.00.  Manufactured by Ate. Ate Part No. 03.2123-8512.3 (from box).   
Spacing between reservoir connections is 85 mm (center to center).  Have not 
had a chance to add fluid and bleed the master cylinder yet, but it fits 
mechanically.  This was first attempt to obtain one - understand from Rod 
Ramsey at IPC that this part also fits 5K.

Alan Pemberton

82 Coupe
80 Civic
85 Ur-Q