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4000s quattro price negotiations

Thanks for all the info on the mystery buzz on the 5000S Turbo.

Here's the scoop, it took me 2 months of searching to find just ONE
4000S Quattro (1984).  I'm working with the guy ('twas a trade-in) to get the
maintainence records, but know the front brakes, timing belt, muffler and tires
have all been replaced in the last 6 months.  The car has power everything,
and 80K mi.

There looks like some minor paint work on the back  bumper presumably
due to a minor fender bender.  I hear the one owner was compeltely
anal-retentive about maintaining the car.

The dealer is asking $3480 but is negotiable by his own admission.  Assuming
it doesn't need anything but minor work (some vacuum hoses, front
brake pads and odds and ends) which I will do myself, what final asking
price should I target???

(I am having a 'once over' by a mechanic) I realize I don't have a lot of information, 
but bear with me.  I don't think it will be around long and want to move if everything 
looks good.

Thanks again,


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