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Looking for 80-ish 4kQ.

Thanks to everyone for the info on my 4kQ search.

I went to look at one this weekend, dealer.  He didn't
TELL me about the front and rear end fender-benders, nor the
'Bondo' rear fender.  It ran great, but needed some front end
work (heard squealing in tires) and some body work.  I told him
I would give him no more than $1500 (he asked $3500), he refused, 
and I walked off the lot.  DID I do the right thing?

Unfortunately now, I found a great 4000s, but I've got the 
taste in my mouth for the 4kQ.

The problem is, I can't FIND any in the Chicago-land area.  My
$$$ range is $3500.  Does anyone have a suggestion, I really
don't want to settle.

I keep hearing about how I should be able to find one, but I've
only seen 2-3 advertised in the last month in my price range...