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Double clutching.

I thought it was standard practice to goose the throttle a little
when downshifting so as not to eat away the clutch and too prevent
your wheels from locking.

I haven't raced cars, only motorcycles.  In my experience, if you need
the extra braking that downshifting provides you are probably on a
slippery surface.  If you DON'T goose the throttle, your wheels will deccelerate
so quickly that you'll lose traction anyway.

I can skid 30 feet on my street bike by downshifting without running
the engine speed up a bit, so I always do it, auto and bike.

What I DON'T understand is the practice of letting the clutch OUT and
pushing it back in, as someone suggested, as you go in and out of the gear.
All this does  is spool up the flywheel IMO, or does this help the synchro's

Chris (expectant Audi father)