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Wheels/Tires for 5000S

Hi! This is my first posting to the list.  I hope someone out there can help me!

I am about to become the owner of an 88 5000S (courtesy of Dad).  The car is
completely stock (Dad is good that way).  However, since I'm a little more
of an aggressive driver than good 'ol Dad, I'd like to upgrade the
wheels/tires and, eventually, the suspension.

Can someone out there recommend manufacture(s) that make wheels that
properly fit the 5000?  I'm thinking of going to a 16x7" or 16x7.5" with a
lower profile tire.  I want to keep the overall dimensions.  I thought about
a 17 inch wheel but I don't think the even lower profile tire (lower than
that for a 16" wheel) could handle the bumps and potholes of the NYC area
(you know, bent/cracked wheels?).  What's your opinion?



Gary Harris  -  AMA    
'93 BMW K1100RS    '93 Ducati 888 SPO
Sanford C. Bernstein & Co - Investment Research & Management