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The things you learn....

Something I've been meaning to pass along, was a little tip I learned at 
the NW Audi & Quattro club meeting two weeks ago.

I know that this applies to those people with the CIS-style injection 
systems, but I'm not sure about the later models.

Seems that there is a little filter in the fuel line that feeds the fuel 
distributer that is supposed to be removed by the dealer at the 1000 mile 
service.  Since it's just this little paper looking thing, it really 
clogs up beyond about 2500 miles.

It located in the connecting joint between the supply line and the 
distributor.  Disconnect the supply line from the joint and then unscrew 
the joint from the fuel distributor; if you can see through this thing, 
the filter has already been removed and you can reassemble your system.  
Otherwise, you'll need to tap the filter out.  I used a wooden dowel just 
small enough to fit through without scoring the inside.

It did flow enough more fuel that I could feel the difference in the 
upper RPM's.  Interestingly enough, when Al told me this, he said that 
had checked 6 Audi's for this filter, and all 6 still had them in place.  
To this number, you can add the three cars that I have checked, all still 
had the filter.

The usual disclaimers about YMMV and waiting until the fuel pressure has 
died off and the engine cooled off before cracking open the supply line 
apply.  (If you do it slowly with a rag under the joint, you won't have 
much problem at all.)

I would be interested to know how many people do or don't find this 
filter in place.

Have fun!


Gary Erickson -- '85 Coupe GT
Hilary Tombaugh -- '80 4KS (5 cyl)

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