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Audi lineup

Iv noticed several references to different Audi models.  I have an '85  5000 
S  (just got it in July) .
I'm  wondering just how many different models are there?  20v Q's etc.  What 
is their claim to fame... are quattro's all wheel drive?
If this isn't an insurmountable task It would help me to get to know the 
Audi auto history ... maybe there is an FAQ on this?
Does Audi own Volks Wagon or vise versa?
I know a little about engines ( a shade tree mechanic ) Thanks in advance 
BTW I love those Fun Vs Maintenance posts!!!
while I have all ready gotten lots of useful info that helped with the up 
keep of my 5ks I think the posts about the fun and races are the icing on 
the cake ... and the top layer too!!! Way to go Steve!!  There sure is a LOT 
of talent on this list.


Gene LeDuc     leducea@utrc.utc.com