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Dealer/Bosch/Autobahn Fogs

The first thing any knowlegeable light guy will tell you, don't ask a
specialty light to do more than one thing, and don't use the H3 Bulb.......
The H3 fog/driving lite that bosch sells as a Bosch/Autobahn part are not
what you want to put on your car......  A lite can be either a fog or a
driving (/cornering/pencil), to ask it to do both is a compromise......  A
good Hella rectangular fog at retail is less than the bosch (and Trak auto
will sell you the Bosch at about 90.00, heck I got a brand new set I won a
few years ago at a rally, I'd sell them for 50), and is a better fog lens.
 If you are mounting below the bumper, don't bother getting the driving
lenses, you reflect more light back to your face than you put forward.......
 Amber fog lens for snow, dust and clear for rain....

Not to insult, hoping to educate based on lots of lite experiences