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Re: Driveshaft splines, nut torques, brakes & clunks

I also rebuilt the parking brake mechanism (pbm) - my calipers have a 
removable pbm.  There was a 1mm thick band of rust/muck at the top of 
the actuating shaft where it goes into the pbm.  I scraped this off, 
regreased everything, reassembled and had a working pbm again.  BTW, 
both times I have dismantled the pbm, one of the three bolts (the one 
holding the spring) has sheared its head.


	Did you take out the shaft from the pbm casting?
	I had the same experience with bolt shearing.
	Getting the steel bolt drilled out of an alum
	casting was interesting.  Need a drill press!

I am getting clunks from the front suspension when on full lock.  I had 
hoped that this would go away when I replaced the front bearings - it 
didn't.  I couldn't feel any play in the outer CV joints when I had 
everything dismantled.

	Have you replaced your strut bearings yet?  
	To test, get the car up (pref with wheel off)
	and shake the tower about.  If it moves about
	at the top you need new strut bearings.

	other paul -