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Re: Oxygen sensors in general

Oxygen Sensor Theory,

As best I can, I will explain how the little bugger works.
It is really high temperature electro-chemistry.  The sensor
has a ceramic which is capable of transportting oxygen at
high temperature.  The ceramic is acting as a solid electroltye.
That means that it is allowing ionic conduction, oxygen, but not
electronic.  Oxygen doesn't move through solids too fast, so there
is a diffusion gradient across the solid oxide electroltye.  
But, the concentration at the back end, where it is consumed
is proprtional to the concentration at the front.  So you have
a reaction occuring that produces a voltage that is proportional
to the conentration.  Apologies to any chemists, especially those
is WV ;-), or anyone who hates the topic for being TOO detailed.

paul t-