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Re: Schrappnel Knobben Tech Report

Robert, I have to respond to your email on
the list, as sli.com doesn't exist from where
I am sitting, funny, huh!?!  I bet it exists 
from where your sitting.

I think that my data on the transducer above five
volts does not conttradict Dans digital data.
At high pressures I was probably beyond the A/D
scale as you implied.  

The thing in the diagram that looks like a potentiometer
is the sensor it self.  The middle tap from it is sense,
and versus ground it gives some fraction of 12 volts.
The wire is green.  Yes the diode and resistor act to
keep the voltage clamped below 4.3 volts, where ECU shut
off occurs.

You can go with a voltage devider network instead.
The question is, do you want to dial in all of the
retard asap, then keep it retarded, or do you want 
to be more sporty and dial it in linearly with a
voltage devider?  I chose the safer method, more retard,
thus the clamp circuit using the zener.

As for mouting, my current preference is ala Mad Max, with
the regulator and guage duck... er no ... "racing" taped to
the windscreen on the outside.  :-)