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Re: Schrappnel Knobben Tech Report

I have been running with a guage attached to the
wastegate pressure line.  That takes pressure off
before the throttle plate, from a feeder tube molded
into the factory tube. (82 TQC)  I am adding 5 psi
of regulated counter-pressure.  I expect to see
boost pressures of around 15 psig, but only see about
12 psig.  Where does the dash mounted guage read from?
Someplace different?  I have tried two guages with the
same results.

I have seen some of the close-throttle pressure spikes
people talk about, peaking around 20-25 psig.  They are 
easy to modulate if you don't slam the throttle closed.

I am waiting on some 0.110" slide on blade connectors to
finnish kitting out the Schrappnel Knobben kits.  Can't seem
to gen my hands on any.  Need about a dozen if anybody has
any laying around.  The diode cicuit can be installedw/o
soldering if I have the right connectors.

paul t-