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Re: Cam advancing - Turbo Updates

I think I understand the cam bumping trick pretty well, thanks.
Is there any deliterious effect on the valves over time?

The turbos I a still a little confused about. All this talk of
cores versus new RS2's is whats got me goin. Here's my q?'s:

	1. Are you doing mods to existing air cooled units?

	2. Are you planning to sell modified water cooled units?

	3. What do stage 3,5,8 represent?

	4. What is EH?

I don't want to get into your proprietary info, but I do want to be 
an informed consumer.  I have no problem with you "selling" over the 
net.  I see you as offering a unique service, on which is information 
intensive. And this forum provides a means for communicating the 
information.  I can respect you may want to place limits, however. 
I think if Ned was a lister we would be happy to have him discuss 
the features of his ECU mod's in the same fashion. Sound fair?  
(God, I hope this doesn't start a huge debate!)