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Re: tyres/lights & WINTER

> >>The euros swear by the Pirelli 190s/210s but I havent heard how they work
> on
> >>the quattros just benzes. Any thoughts on these or any other tyre which
> >would
> >>be used on snow/ice only 30% of the time.
> >
> >RE:  Steadiric wrote
> >Great tire in the snow but god help you in the dry.  Go for the Blizzaks.
> >
> >
> The Blizzax, (won't get too Hydrophillically nerdy here), are really only
> "great" for about 30% of the tread life, the rest of the life (like after the
> first season) you will wish you got something else......  Hoka's and Vreds
> are great if you are driving in snow all the time, but your teeth and ears
> will punish you the rest of the time.  the conti's just suck, the goodyears
> are OK (really good if you go with a GT+4 cross cut), and the yokos are not
> even worth looking at.....  The goodrich M&S is not bad, but you get a truck
> ride for the Hoka traction, the Blizzax are a neat toy the first winter, and
> they sell a lot of them, but a q is a eurocar, and the 210's have established
> themselves very well across the pond and right here in my neighborhood......
>  They carve a great Prorally turn in the mud/dirt too, NJTH

Just curious... has anyone tried Michelin's rallye tires? I thought they 
might do better than average work...

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