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Re: tyres/lights & WINTER

> How about the new Perrelli P7000 supertouring? Has anyone tried it yet?
> They are suppose to be all season and ZR rated. I started noticing it in Tire
> Rack ad. Also last night Motorweek on TV actually did a segment on it. 
> The tread life is suppose be about 40,000 miles. They are really pricy though.

Just because it's a all season tread does not mean it's M+S rated. But 
anyway, I would like to hear anyone's real experience with these new 
tires. But I must say the tread life of 40,000 miles for a supposidly 
high performance tire (which P7000 should be as a replacement of P700Z) 
is little bit high -- that tread life sounds more at home for a top of 
the line in a el-cheapo line of tires...

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