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WTB: '84 4kq tranny w/shift linkage, etc

I just got a call from a friend who is rebuilding an '84 4kq that was stolen
and recovered minus most of its drivetrain.  Since I'm the one who urged him
to tackle this project (he always loved the car, it was in pretty good shape
otherwise and his insurance company sold it back to him for a mere $350), he
now expects me to help him track down the rest of the parts he needs!

At this point, he needs a gearbox, pedal cluster (including hydraulic lines,
etc. for the clutch slave cylinder) and the complete shift linkage ... we've
already tracked down a motor and FI system (a 2.3L NF from an '87 5k) but he
still needs a flywheel since the 5k had an automatic.  I've heard someone is
making aluminium flywheels for these cars but don't know who they are or how
to reach them -- any clues?  As I recall, the OEM flywheels are fairly heavy
and since he has to buy one anyway...  ;^)

As always, any input will be appreciated.  

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