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Re: New A4 Ad

> to sell us one - but not while he's at work.  The camera pans up to a huge
> remmiB dealership sign and he walks in to work.
> I laughed out loud.  This one may finally do 'em some good.  I wonder about
> the other recent ad with phrases like "Rad", "Gnarly", etc.

Talking about A4 ad, I say my first A4 ad in the magazine. "A missile in 
the war against mediocrity," as the ad sayz. I have mixed feeling about 
this. On one hand, it's great that Audi is advertising again (I think 
the last time I say an Audi ad was several years ago for magazines). On 
the other hand, the picture looking at the rear end of A4 is probably the 
worst angle you can do on A4 -- very generic -- is that an Ford Escort? 
Without that 4 rings on the boot (: you probably will never figure it 

On another news. Isotta Fraschini, Italy's premier luxury car company 
(yeah, I know, say WHO?), is basing one of its coupe -- the T8 -- on 
the Audi A8 drivetrain. The wheels (well, sort of) and the headlights looks 
like dead carry over from Audi's model. The Audi V8, the Tiptronic 
transmission, and brakes all sounds like carry over from Audi A8. What 
differenciates it from A8 is that it has active suspension and the 
engine produces 350bhp instead of around 300bhp -- good for 0 to 60 in 5 
seconds and top speed of 186mph.

Sounds quite interesting. I sure would like to know if any German tuners has 
done similar job on the A8.

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