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Re: Increasing Negative Camber

> > Would there be a noticeable difference in performance if I opted for the
> > 16x7.5 instead of a 15x7 wheel (which, I am told, will fit without adjustments)?
> which I ordered a set of (really nice) Borbet type C rims for in
> 15x7" size. Tire Rack swore that these were an exact replacement,
> and would fit perfectly.
> Well, the offset was completely wrong, and the tires (stock 205/60/15)
> did not clear the wheel wells. It took quite some time and aggravation
> to straighten out.

Now and then they do make mistakes. Some years ago I ordered Borbet type 
A for a car of mine. When the set arrived, I noticed they are 4 luggers 
-- which is difficult to fit to the car which had uses 5 luggers. Their 
response? "Hmmm... I guess [the manufacturer] changed it this year..." I 
checked it out and found that in no time in this particular car models' 
history has it ever wore 4 lugger.

Recently I ordered 4 tires from Tire Rack again. They sent the wrong 
size. No explanation was given -- but I didn't pay an extra penny to get 
the right ones in and the wrong ones out (so was the wheels above).

At leat they'll admit the mistake and pay for the charges to get it taken 
care of.

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