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Re: Tire Opinions

Aw... what the heck, let me add some of my experiences on tires I have 
owned (or is using right now). Since these tires are used in various 
cars, your milage may vary. Here, OEM means that the tire came with the 
new car.

Dunlop SP Sport D87M (OEM) -- horrible and expensive. So-so dry grip, 
totally off the wall wet grip (that is, hydroplaning). Bad stuff to have 
on on the snow (now come to think of it...). Not worth it.

Bridgestone S406 (OEM) -- horrible and expensive. Don't get them even if 
they're given away free. Very noise free. Don't you dare try to find out 
the car's G-limit in this tire.

Bridgestone Blizzak -- Excellent snow tire. The "snow" compound wears off 
kinda fast. Virtually no cornering ability. Not so quiet, but not noisy 
enough to annoy (unless you're on a really perfect, flat road).

Bridgestone Expedia S-01 -- Better than good wet traction, bear-grip dry 
traction. Expensive. Useless on snow. Awesome cornering grip. Not so 
noise free. If you don't get the white stuff and is immune to little bit 
noise (hint: turn on the radio), this is excellent tire to get. Wears 
horribly fast (I replaces the whole set once a year).

Bridgestone Potenza RE940 -- Better than average overall. Quiet, stable 
ride with good cornering grip. Decent snow traction, good wet and better 
than good dry traction. Good control. May be considered for next new set of 

Bridgestone Potenza RE930 -- Just got them. Somewhat noisey tire beyond 
80+mph. Still figuring it out...

Pirelli P600 (not M+S, OEM) -- Good dry and high speed cruising. Not so good 
wet traction, non-existant snow traction. Good cornering. Quiet. Unless 
your exitance is without snow and rain, this tire ain't for you.

Pirelli P500 (OEM) -- Excellent wear. Below average grip, snow, and wet 
traction. Decent dry traction. A ho-hum shouldn't-get-this-one kind of tire.

Michelin MXV4 (OEM) -- Excellent wear, although somewhat uneven from tire 
to tire wear (and I do rotate tires often). I'd say the same with P500 -- 
stay away from this one.

Dunlop D60 A2 -- Decent wear. Not good in cornering and in snow. Noise is 
managable but not as quiet as OEM tires. I wouldn't get this one again.

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