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Tire Opinions

Yokohama AVS Intermediate: Best all around handling tire. Great in the dry,
little body roll. Unfortunately, doesn't last that long. Treadwear was 160.

Pirelli P7- a steal. You can still get them. Got 205/50/15's for 99$/piece.
They are still the best looking tire. Handle well in most situations. Firm
ride. I think mine had an over 200 treadwear, amazingly.

Michelin MXL-terrible in the wet. Quiet and soft in the dry. Handle ok in the
dry. Treadwear rating is something like 300 which sucks because you'll want
to get rid of them!

Michelin XGT-another great looking tire. Phenom in dry but a little more
sidewall flex than the AVS intermediate.

Michelin XGTPlus-older all season version. Terrible tire. Very soft sidewall,
lousy handling. Mediocre treadwear, too. Disappointment
Treadwear was claimed at 220 but didn't deliver

Continental CH51-great overall tire. Very quiet. Won best tire award many
years ago in Car n Driver. Treadwear 160 or 180

the "if your broke tire": Falken 050. Great value, COMPT/A rip off. Stiff
sidewall, looks good, costs lots less and has a treadwear rating of 240!