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Re: Increasing Negative Camber

>I just got off the phone with a guy from The Tire Rack.  He told be that in
>order to install 16x7.5 wheel on my '88 5000S, I would have to increase the
>negative camber of the rear wheels in order to get enough clearance.

Yep, you will Have to go with more Neg. Camber

>Is this true?  If so, and I do increase negative camber, how will it effect
>handling?  Can it lead to other problems?

It will reduce the understeer JUST a bit because your reducing the 
traction at the rear.  You will also notice a little faster wear on the 
inside of the tire.

>Would there be a noticeable difference in performance if I opted for the
>16x7.5 instead of a 15x7 wheel (which, I am told, will fit without 

That 15x7 will ONLY fit with a 205/60-15, Stuff a 215/60-15 under there 
and you will have to increase the neg. camber.  NJTH   (You can't tell 
ehat type of tire I have on the rear 'cause I've fuzzed off the raised


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com