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Re: Increasing Negative Camber

Hairy green toads from Mars made Gary Harris say:

> Would there be a noticeable difference in performance if I opted for the
> 16x7.5 instead of a 15x7 wheel (which, I am told, will fit without adjustments)?

I can't say about effects of negative camber, but I can speak about
Tire Racks claims about their wheel fitments. I have an '89 100Q,
which I ordered a set of (really nice) Borbet type C rims for in
15x7" size. Tire Rack swore that these were an exact replacement,
and would fit perfectly.

Well, the offset was completely wrong, and the tires (stock 205/60/15)
did not clear the wheel wells. It took quite some time and aggravation
to straighten out.

I would *absolutely* make sure that they will 100% guarantee the fit
of anything, and will pay all charges (including shipping and mounting)
to return anything that doesn't fit.


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