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Summit Point QCUSA Event

The Annual Summit Point Quattro Club event started yesterday in West Virginia,
and will conclude this evening.  There was a rather good showing of people
there, people from areas as far away as Ontario came down for this event.  A
good selection of cars too, there were 2 S4's (the old ones, one of which had
the carbon composite inlays,) an S6, two '91 200Q's, a few V8's, three Ur-Q's,
and numerous 5000/200TQ's.  Also present was an M3 and two 944's.  Beautifull
day for a Quattro event, overcast and misting rain the whole day long.  The
track the Club used yesterday was brand new, yesterdays event was the first
event ever run on the course, so although the course was wet there was no oil
or debris to be found (other than what the Q's put there anyway!)  The course
was 1.2 miles long, with many tight corners & S-turns.  Only one casualty the
whole day, a black S4 took a corner just a touch too fast and got a little
friendly with the wall.  Nicked some paint, cracked a taillight, had to be
towed out of the mud, but kept on goin'!  The M3 and a red S4 were arueing the
whole day, but neither one could get around the other...  All in all a very
neat event, it was a real thrill for me to see all those Audi's in one place.
 At one point in time, Cello, Jeff and I walked over to where there was a group
of locals hanging around the outside of one of the turns.  As we walked up we
heard them commenting "What's goin' on over there?  Them's are see-dans!"  I
wish I could have stayed to watch those "see-dans" for todays event as well,
but alas I have to work for a living...

87 5000CS TQ
84 5000S (2,000 miles away and a mile high)
90 80 (sibling's mode of transportation I get lynched into working on)