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Re: Summit Point QCUSA Event

In a message dated 95-09-18 11:59:17 EDT, you write:

>towed out of the mud, but kept on goin'!  The M3 and a red S4 were arueing
>the whole day, but neither one could get around the other...  All in all a

Do you know if the M3 was the late '80s E30-based M3 (the one w/ the rear
wing and steroid-popped fenders) or the '95 E36-based M3 (looks like a normal
325iS)?  Unless the S4 has been breathed upon, the '95 E36 M3 should just
walk away from the S4--more power, much lighter, no turbo-lag.  The E30 M3
and the S4 should be closely matched, except through the corners (light
weight=advantage M3).