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Re: 4000q a winner -hmmmm

> Steve, it's obvious to more than a few of us, that you can make a car go
> fast, to choose the q, on this list is a great move, but be careful on
> your next investment.  Rookie enthusiasm is a great thing, and my smiles
> and toasts to you thruout this season abound.....  I will, however, state
> that, there are years of experience and BTDT on this list, and technical
> references available to you beyond comprehension, use them wisely in your
> coming year....

Hear! Hear!  From what I've heard, Steve is quite a driver but if he's after
a National Championship, it would be a BIG mistake to restrict his choice of
cars to an '86 4kq.  I don't car how much he spends on it, it's NOT going to
win at the Nationals, period (and if by some chance it does, he'll never get
out of impound with it fully assembled!).

With all due respect, if he's got enough talent to hustle that car around as
quickly as he does, imagine what he'd be capable of in something that's more
competitive in the class ... like an MX-6 or Toyota Silly-car.  As much as I
would like to see him (or anyone!) do well in an Audi, it'd be a shame if he
squandered his talent by getting side-tracked in an inherently uncompetitive
car just because he's developed an emotional attachment to it.

NJT ... I've been there, done that myself and have an '85 4000s I spent over
$7k to prepare sitting on my driveway as proof.  :^(

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