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Re: 4000q a winner -hmmmm

  But who wants to race a mx-6 or toiletta?

  It's more fun and more satisfying to race and win in
  what you *want* to race, alleged competetiveness
  be damned. Anyone can win in the class ringer
  (well, NOT anyone). That's no way to have fun, IMFO,
  unless psychologically, winning at all costs is
  what's critical, not winning your way in your choice
  of race cars. I'm with Steve all the way! I'd rather
  be second in my 4KQ that win in some japcrap, NOI,
  but then that's the way *I* have fun. Winning consistently
  in my 12-year-old, heavy, underpowered, non-
  competetive 4KQ is a BLAST! Power to ya Steve!!!

  I do however agree that sinking a TON of money into
  the 4KQ to try to make it a winner at Nationals may be
  a mistake, unless one is totally comitted to the car and to
  proving just how competetive the car can be, knowing
  that other less expensive-to-prepare cars with a
  higher probability of winning are out there. Steve might
  not win Nationals, but he will prove how far one can go
  with the 4KQ and I respect that.