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Re: Tire caveat

In a message dated 95-09-20 00:02:05 EDT, you write:

>Yokohama AVS Intermediate: Best all around handling tire. Great in the dry,
>little body roll. Unfortunately, doesn't last that long. Treadwear was 160.

If you like these, you ought to try th SP800 they out handle the avs in the
dry, are quieter, last longer and absolutely blow the avs out of the water in
the wet....  MTTH

.....  The rest of the tires you listed, are not even close to being
performance tires, and the P7's will barely keep up with the D60M2 at the
"sale" price of a D40M2......  If you have a c-note, get the D40M2's, the
P7's are almost 20yrs old now, and not ageing gracefully in the market