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Re: Tire caveat

Bob Myers writes:>>>>>>>>
OK, Scott, so what's your choice for a good *inexpensive* v-rated tire?  
Not all Audi drivers are made out of money, (sigh) especially me.  I 
realize that there are trade-offs and that inexpensive and performance 
don't necessarily go together in the same breath.  High speed 
(highway not necessarily track) handling, wet handling, and snow/ice 
conditions are all important to me.  I live in the (normally) wet 
mountains and don't really want to slide off a 900 foot cliff on my way 
to work some morning.  :-)


D40M2 at 100.00 per side in a 205/60 15 is prolly the best Bang for the
buck......  The AVS +4 is about 86 bucks for the same size/the AVS more exp
at 110 , but the D40M2 will give you more than 15 bucks worth of wet weather
traction over the AVS/+4.....   The D40 is quiet, and good ride and a VR
rating vs a Zr rating vs the regular AVS is not a concern for most.......
  The AVS isn't a "bad" tire, me thinks the D40 just does a better job for
the money....  And the D40M2 has had some Prorally time with me in a 90cq and
I will attest that the snow and Mud/dirt handling is one of the best I've
driven, period.....  Very predictable and very hi traction...........   If
you are not switching to snows for the winter the D40 is the tire.....  I
have the sp8000 on my toy and P210' for the winter, but the wife will be
getting the D40's on her car for year round use......

'87 5ktqRS2 stage VIII, IA stage II   BLACK
'87 5ktqRS2 stage III, IA stage II     PEARL