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Re: 4wd Mechanics

> ..>> displacement.  to all intents, it's a silhouette formula with fully race
> egines
> ..>> generating in excess of 450hp, active diffs and suspension, carbon fibre
> sheels
> ..>> and semi-automatic steering.
> ..>
> ..>Donno but I sure like to know how they can get 450hp from atmospherically 
> ..>breathing 2.5 litre engines!
> ..>
> yes, it's not much is it?  remember this is with unleaded pump fuel, silencers
> and catalysts to keep germany's greens happy.  rev limited at 12,500 revs (if i
> remember correctly)
> mind you the renault and ferrari f1 units are quoted at a little more than
> 700hp. and they're 3 litres normally aspirated.  no rev limit.  the ferrari v12
> is reputed to rev to more than 17,000 (!!!!). the renault, being 10 cylinders,
> revs less but still over 15,000....

I got this 1988 auto, see? It's a 2.5 liter V-6. It's DOHC and rev-band 
at 6700rpm. Well, for a crazy one day, I decided to see what happens to 
over-rev the engine (since I didn't have much love for this car and it 
sounds like a good excuse to get a new car (: ). I did about 8,000 rpm 
for about 30 seconds, but I must say I was dissapointed (as expected) -- 
no power, and it didn't break (the temperature didn't even rise). Stupid 

Now, if those BTC cars are normally aspirated and uses normal uleaded 
gas, how do they do it? Even the various variable timing engine from 
Honda, etc. couldn't do that number -- or could it?

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