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Re: Audi & the A4

> What I'd like to know is how many people on the net have already purchased 
> the A4 and what are their thoughts?  Further I'd like to get an unemotional 
> answer to the question "how much is it really going to cost to maintain the 
> car?"  This of course after the warranty expires.  Finally, I have heard 
> nothing but bad things about Audi dealers; what is the story?
> In sum, I liked the car enough to consider a purchase. However, I am not 
> wealthy!  This car would be my bread & butter drive for a long time.  Given 
> all the negative I have heard about Audi dealers and Audi reliability, my 
> gut tells me a purchase would be a bad decision.  All feedback appreciated.

Well, I don't know what's the image of Audi dealer on the other parts of 
the country, but the sole Audi dealer at here where I live really sucks. 
They have bad sales team and incompetent service department.

The climate here is wonderful to really appreciate that Audi quattro 
stuff. Many people here knows Audi quattro and owned one before. By my 
memory, there's at leat one laser red S4, a black S4, a pearlcent V8 and a 
light blue V8 still cruising around where I hang out (you know, where I 
live...) besides other more "normal" Audi things.

But the trend is bad. I don't many Audi owners who goes go back to that 
dealer to buy a new Audi -- much less for people who never owned an Audi 
(or an Audi enthusiast) and is looking for a new car. Even if Audi 
releases an excellent automobile -- the new A4, for example -- I don't think 
many people around here will buy one -- just because of the dealership 
obsticle. Many would-be/former Audi owners here went for MB or BMW instead 
(where dealerships for those marques are really top notch in sales and 
service here -- almost on par with Lexus/Infiniti dealers -- which 
puzzles me why Audi marketing couldn't find a good dealer to carry their 
models here).

I owned a 5000CS long time ago. Loved the car, but had to let it go
because this dealer's inability to fix the little things. Come to think
of it, it wasn't the car -- it's that the car was too complex for the
simpletons hired by this dealer.

In a year or two, I'm going to get a new car to replace the my current
everyday car. I hope it will be a quattro -- but I know I will not be
buying from this dealer. I may drive 2 hours south to a major (sort of)
city to get one (many Lexus/Infiti buyers did this when the cars were
just released by Toyota and Nissan when dealers weren't many), or I may

Unless this is just happening here and I got this damn rotten luck stuck 
with this particular Audi dealer, I think Audi really needs to look 
carefully at its dealer network. I don't think a typical dealer that 
sells Volkswagon knows people who look for Audis (besides being referred 
by the press as "upscale Volkswagon"). Like how about those Porsche 
dealers?? And importing those RS2 and blah blah blah...

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