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Re: 55 alive?

> Let the carnage begin!!
IMO it is this kind of thinking that kept the NMSL alive for so long :(

There seems to be some sort of tacit assumption that increasing the speed 
limit will result in people driving even faster.  I will freely admit that 
I like to drive fast, and could have been in big trouble if caught doing 
some of the things I've done.  I really like the fact that most of the 
interstates in CA are now set at 65MPH, because I can drive at what I 
believe is a resonable speed without having to worry about being harassed
by some government whor^H^H^H^Hrepresentative.  I for one am not going to 
be increasing my speed by 10MPH simply because the speed limit has increased.
I like to think that I set my speed to be a safe one based on the situation.

The primary issue is enforcement.  If the cops are out there busting folks
that are driving unsafely (notice I did not simply say speeding) then I 
think there would be better compliance with the speed limit as well.

I read in the local paper yesterday that there is some talk of returning
to having selected freeways set at a speed limit of 70MPH, but I doubt
that will ever happen.  It is unfortunate because some of the interstates
were designed back in the 60's with the expectation that speed limits 
would increase over time.  I understand that they were built for an 80MPH
speed!  The problem is that they have not been maintained that well, so
now 65-70 probably is the true safe max speed. :(

Boy ... and to think that Bob's original message made me feel so good 
this morning.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

Does anyone else remember those speed limit signs that changed depending 
on whether it was day or night?