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Re: 55 now 70, =$

> > >
> > >      Higher speed means less MPG
> > 
> > Not neccesarily true.  My TQ gets it 's best mileage at 65 MPH.  Lower than
> > [blah]
> On the other hand, higher rpm will always mean absolute more gas consumed 

... gotta disagree here.  If you get a higher fuel economy at a higher 
speed, that means that you used *LESS GAS* no if's, and's or but's!  
Speed does not enter into the equation at all, it is simply distance 
divided by fuel consumed.

I haven't repeated the test on the newer cars, but my results from my 
1978 Audi Fox agree with Mike (I think it was Mike S that posted the 
better MPG @ 65).  I did some fairly well controlled testing while 
driving from home to visit my parents and there was a definite improve-
ment in the fuel efficiency of the car at 65MPH.  It could have had to 
do with efficiency of the motor or that I had to play with the throttle 
more to hold 55.  No question that wind resistance is higher at the 
higher speed, but we are still talking about gallons of gas consumed in 
a certain number of miles ....

Steve Buchholz