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K&N air filter

Sorry folks, I know this is not any Audi-particular thing, but I'm having 
trouble re-oil the air filter (the real problem is that I only have read 
only access to rec.* groups).

The problem is this: I have the spray-type oil instead of the hand-pump 
type. Well, either I have offended god of K&N or something, the stupid 
thing will not spray -- the "spray" would accumulate at the spray head 
(and my fingertip which is depressing it). This is the third can I'm 
using -- and the past two cans weren't any better.

Right now I just let it "drip" -- which amounts to about 3 seconds per 
drip, which is quite slow and agonizing (not to mention huge drips). I 
know hand-pump type would solve the problem, but my local dealers don't 
carry those.

I tried to clean the head but I'm having this suspecion that it's more of 
a bad spray head design than anything else. Has anyone encountered this 
problem and overcame it by some modification to the head??

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