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Re: Shifter problems

> I have 1991 Quattro 100 w 75K miles.  2x already have had shifter 
> rebolted -- it's come undone again after just 3 mos & rel. expensive 
> procedure.  Once it was done under warrantee @ 28K mi.
Do you know what is being tightened?  Several times on the QTC I had
the shift linkage disconnect from the transmission at the tranny conn-
ection.  It was rather simple to resolve, there was a bolt that went 
into the shift rod much like a set screw would.  This bolt would loosen
over time and make it difficult or impossible to shift.  I cleaned the
grease from the area and liberally applied Locktite to the shaft and 
the threads ... haven't had a problem since.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)