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Re: Joined List, have Audi (4ksq), Have problems.

At 08:06 AM 9/19/95 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 95-09-19 01:59:50 EDT, you write:
>>4.  More "pep"?  Has anyone thought about wiring a few 'hacks' for more 
>>power?  (For off-road purposes only :)  Such also grounding out the oxygen 
>>sensor wire, and the NTC? coolant sensor, (plus say a 3k resistor) to the
>>throttle?  Any disadvantages to this?  Any other methods of power increase 
>>(hopefully cheap:) for CIS-E cars?
>Whoa....  Don't ground the O2, it's a voltage not a resistance to ground....
> Coolant sensor might get you some minor gains......   Try reducing the
>Control Pressure
>at the WUR

Scott is right, Don't grount the O2 sensor. You can just unplug the connector.

With reguard to the cooling sensor: I think 3K is too much unless you want
to puff black smoke out the exhaust. normal resistance at 60 deg f is around
1.2k and is most likly the as rich as you would want to run. when mu sensor
failed last it was at 1.2 when hot and the 4000Q ran like s**t untill around
4500rpm +. at 5500 - 65000 I think there was a definate improvement in
performance. When cold the temp sensor was at ~3.6k Starting the car was a
problem, and unil it warmed up it coughed & sputtered. 

Note #1:
 I have a Schrick cam

Note #2: my O2 sesnsor was dysfunctional while at the time of the above

Note #3: Gas milage fell from around 26-27 hwy to 16 - 20 hwy with the temp
sensor at 3k in resistance. 

With temp sensor replaced, performance fell somewhay at extreamely high rpm.
Performance improved dramaticaly at lower rpms (up to 4000)

after replacing O2 sensor overall performance low to high rpm improved.

My guess is if to try a variable resistor in the .3k - 1.2k range wired
through a full throttle switch (why ruin part throttle gas milage) During
testing use the O2 sensor to monitor the richness. I'm sure someone here has
found a meter.

After you are done, do some very careful measurments to check your
performance increase. I saw about 0.05 and 0.07 sec between 5500 and 6000rpm
in third gear. Using the varistor you may fine tune the values and get a
sig. greater improvement. If you do, please post the results.

I suggest 300 ohms as a starting point since that was the resistance of I
found in a 4000Q with a known good but used sensor. 


bbell@csn.net (Bruce Bell)