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Re: Joined List, have Audi (4ksq), Have problems.

   > >4.  More "pep"?  Has anyone thought about wiring a few 'hacks' for more 
   > >power?  (For off-road purposes only :)  Such also grounding out the oxygen 
   > >sensor wire, and the NTC? coolant sensor, (plus say a 3k resistor) to the

   Whoops, I should of said, essentially disconnecting the oxygen sensor at 
   full throttle.  And what way would I go about reducing the control pressure?

Dunno about the various and sundry models, but the UrQ's ECU goes into
"Open Loop" at full throttle, and ignores the O2 sensor, running off of
an RPM-dependent mixture map to deliberately "run rich". Fooling around
with the other sensors will probaly screw more things than not. But, like
I say, dunno about *your* particular car, I wouldn't do it on a turbo