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Re: Brakes - clipper q-ships

In a message dated 95-09-25 09:00:07 EDT, you write:
>Although the new brake pads were the same shape as the original, they did
>come with the torx bolts and approximately 4 inch long spring clips for the
>outboard pads. These clips help hold the pad to the pad carrier.  I put a
>huge quantity of liquid wrench on the bolts, but could not get them out
>my torx wrench set.  I'll try again later with a torx bit on a breaker bar,
>with the pads in a wise.  Even if I am able to remove the clips, I will need
>to replace the bolts.
Forget it, you don't need them....  They were a running change about 1987 for
the audis to help the outboard pad push the piston back in by clipping the
spring to the carrier.....  As long as you have rebuilt calipers (or at least
good pistons), you should have no prollum with the pads w/o the spring
clip.....  Most aftermarket pads come without the spring.....

>Bentley does not shown these clips in their brake section.
They do make reference to the clips when replacing pads....  They indicate
that you can upgrade to the later "clipped" pads on earlier cars......
>After looking at the way the Girling dual piston caliper holds the pads, I
>decided to try installing the new Repcos without the clips.  I was able to
>install them without any trouble at all.  Later I spent about a half hour on
>the road "bedding" the new pads.
That's what you should have done........
>The brakes are definitely "stronger" than they were previously. Duh- I had
>less than 1/8 inch of pad left!
>My questions for the day to the list is:  
>1.   What are these clips on the pads for??? see above

>2.   Do I need to install replacement clips onto the new Repco MMs? NO

>3.   One of each pair Repco MMs came with wires for wear sensors, evidently
>my car does not have a matching connector for this feature.  Do any fellow
>Coupe Q or 90 owners have cars with the pad wear sensors??   You can get the
end from the dealer....

>I installed these pads inboard, pulled through the wire, and tie-wrapped it
>to the brakelines.  
>4. Should I just have clipped the wear sensor wires off???  That's option 2,
and the easiest by far