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Re: Bumping cam on a NA 2.2?

In a message dated 95-09-25 11:59:42 EDT, you write:

>Dunno how all the different cars work, this is the mechanism on my 5cyl UrQ,
>and probably most of the 5 cyl turbos...and probably most anything of a more
>modern vintage too.

Robert, the Ur-q uses a different dist setup than the hall effect in the
5kt.....  The sensor "window" in the dist is only a total of 5 degrees
proper, that is to say you have a +/-2 degree window from the tdc (dist) mark
for "error free" distributor reference......  When you get out of that window
that ugly 2312 code appears in the ck engine light sequence....  The MAC 11
box references the tdc, and the dist is out of the "window", the error code
appears indicating no signal from hall sender in dist.....  Will the car run
out of the window?....  Sure, but not optimally....  the question is what is
Mr. mac's "default to" equation here.....  Since one cam tooth is about 6
degrees cam/dist, well you can see the prollum......  And the franco cam gear
is +/- 5degrees from tdc cam/dist, bigger prollum