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Re: Bumping cam on a NA 2.2?

Mr. Timmerman,
Thanks for the wisdom.
Is the MAC-02 computer the same type of computer stuck into lowly 87 5Ks
with the 2.2 liter (MC?) motor.
Now you've got me all fired up about getting a little more horsies from the
tired 5Ks. It feels like it's slipping the clutch accelerating out of 1st
all the time. But there are all those Yugo's to drag race.

The last ad I saw was around $350 from Franco Industries. That's before all
the labor.
Do all those Bentley owners know what is involved to release the factory
cam gear and slip on the centrifugal cam gear.
Pop off the timing belt cover, and then what. Of course I'd probably not
even be able to get the whole enchilada realignment to TDC for cylinder 1
after I take  everything off.

mechanically not the most competent (maybe I need more liquid mechanic)
>Here my take on the whole cam timing, ignition computer thing.
>Having spent two years wrestling with my MAC-02 timing, I think
>I may have a clue.  The very narrow window you mention (2 degrees)
>seems to only be in effect during starting.  Once the car is going,
>the computer can handle LOTS of variation (+/- 15? degrees as per
>Audi Tech Notes)  Anyhow it's pretty huge window.  Problum is, you
>have to set it back to zero when you try to restart.  I think a
>centrifugal cam would do that.  Question is, does the timing of the
>ignition move with the distributor pulse?  I am almost sure not.
>It is just used to detmine which of the three flywhell pulses is TDC.
>So it sounds to me like it is a bolt on mod.  Did somebody say how $$$
>this was, Mr Googin, perhaps?
>paul t-

Ernest Wong