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re: $#!*? Column switches!

>The switch cluster was replaced with a new one in my 87 CSTQ when I bought
>it at 65k miles.  At 113k miles it went out much as Steve described, and
>I've been driving around with it in high beam default status since then
>(about a month ago.)  My neighbor, who also has an 87 CSTQ, replaced his
>switch a year or so ago at 140+k miles, and still had the old, broken one

Just a though here.
Maybe we should send all our broken hardware, pumps, racks switch clusters,
sagging sunroof parts, HEADLIGHTS et all to Audi in Neckarsulm. Maybe then
they'll get the hint that some of us are not the happiest financially wise
out here.

And send the stuff with shipping charged to receiver.

I'm done venting.

Ernest Wong