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Re: Bumping cam on a CSTQ?

{from Scott (PDQSHIP)]
>No, the ignition system is not the same.....  What we would get on our cute
>little ck engine lite is the 2312 code on the MAC 11C (no signal from dist),
>and the lite would flash as soon as the gear/dist got out of it's 2 degree
>window from tdc......   Would all this flashing hurt the car? Absolutely not,
>just a royal pain in the rump.......  And as long as the tdc is correct at
>the dist during start up, there would be no prollums starting the car.......
> I would guess that the computer would assume a max value of + or -2 when the
>cam kicked the dist out of operational spec.....
The question now is:
        Does anyone have the European Car mags from 92-93 vintage in their
        collection. Mine has been lost to the fire-god.

I ask because their was a write-up on the Franco Ind. cam gear in one of
the articles and ads for the cam gear in the back of the magazine pages.

Could someone please post the address/phone of Franco Industry, and the
description of the amount of advance and retard the gear provides.
Specifically the degrees of change the gear selects at certain rpm.

I vaguely remember 2-3deg. retard at idle-2800?.
Normal setting from                  2800-4600?
And 5 degree advance from            4600-engine wouldn't go no more.

Warning! The memory is very unreliable here.

Want to know the values to try the Paul Timmerman suggested free trial of
running engine at the set amount of distributor advance or retard to see if
engine will actually run alright.
This is before the expensive process of getting a $350? cam gear. But in
Audi terms, that is not much.

Ernest Wong