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Re: AWD hole-shots

  This may be different with the ur-Q due to lighter weight,
  but I get the best launch when I let the clutch out very
  quickly at 5-5500k RPM Vs slipping the clutch. My
  objective here is to keep the boost up, but also to
  break the front tires loose a tad to help with keeping
  the boost up. A small amount of wheelspin is good,
  just not too much, and with the 225-50-15 P700Zs
  on the ur-Q and the IA Stage II with 15-17 PSI boost
  with STOCK K26 turbo (pre S4 upgrade) this technique
  worked best. I could just feel the front end getting a
  little light, indicating some small amount of wheelspin.
  I'd just *KILL* the hopped-up 5L rustang I was racing
  off the line, he'd only catch me 100-200 feet before the
  lights at the end of the 1/4! From memory, my best
  time was a high 15. Actually, it's in the AudiWatch
  Performance Matrix, the exact ET and trap speed.
  Also, breaking the front tires loose *might* help to
  reduce the load/shock to the driveline and I'm NOT
  talking about sidestepping the clutch, just releasing
  very slowly to take up all the driveline slack and then
  releasing all the way very quickly to break the front
  tires loose. 186,000+ miles and still on the orig clutch!   :)