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Northwest Quattro Club Meeting

Since I hadn't seen any references to it yet, I thought I'd leave a brief 
summary of last weekend's first meeting of the Northwest Audi Quattro Club.

Approx. 60 people and 35-40 Audis of various stages of tune gathered in 
Chehailis (sp?) WA.  

In my opinion (and anybody else who was there, please feel free to 
suggest otherwise!  ;-) ) the two most interesting cars there, were a 
pair of mid-80's vintage 4KSQ's.

One was bright red, lowered, full roll cage, wrap-around rear 
wing/bodywork, with a 10v turbo engine using a pop-off valve rather than 
a wastegate to regulate manifold pressure.

The other was a real sleeper (kinda!).  Metallic blue, stock wheels, 
lowered approx 2".  It looked pretty normal, save a SS intercooler pipe 
partially occupying the space the lower center grill should.  The hood 
rose on gas assists to reveal a turbocharged 20v with some of Ned 
Ritchie's goodies to bring the HP to around 300.  The owner told me that 
60 --> 120 was less than six seconds....staying in 5th gear the whole time.

Ned Ritchie and his IA 5KCSQ also made an appearance.  It would seem that 
Ned has agreed to be the Tech. Editor for the regional newsletter; looks 
like it could be fun.

If anybody else on the 'net attended, I'd love to hear from you, and of 
course....what you were driving!


Gary Erickson -- '85 Coupe GT
Hilary Tombaugh -- '80 4KS (5 cyl)

Find us at: erickson@teleport.com